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Pinterest in the Drama Classroom

This month we’re looking at how to use Pinterest, the hot new online scrapbooking tool. How can Pinterest be useful as a jumping off point in production or the drama classroom?

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In This Issue – Pinterest in the Drama Classroom

Pinter what?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. As you surf the web, if you see an image, something you like, you can ‘pin’ it to an online ‘board.’ You can keep these ‘likes’ organized into different categories, themes, tasks or events. You can also connect with others through your mutual interests “” you can repin an image from someone else’s board to yours and vice versa. You can comment on the images. You can follow the boards of others and others can follow you. These shared elements make it more than just a place to collect links or photos. It’s visual social media. It’s the newest form of social networking.

Direction Research

One of the most important jobs of the director is to come up with a vision for their production. How will you visualize the significant themes of the play?

Here are some exercises and tips to use Pinterest as a direction tool.

Set Research

The visual experience of a play for an audience starts with the first thing they see: the set. The set invites an audience into a specific world, and encourages them to engage with that world, even before the first word of dialogue. Start your set design work with these two fundamentals: Lines/Shapes and Colour.

Costume Research

Many plays require costumes to fit a certain era. Some require costumes that are complete fantasy beyond your base knowledge. Image searches are going to help you visualize the specific costume requirements.

Classroom Use

How can I use this in the classroom?

Pinterest and image searches can be extremely useful in the classroom as exercises to fully understand a play students are currently studying

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