The Tony Awards

The Tony Awards are tomorrow! Do you know who’s nominated? Who should have been nominated? Me either. Alas, I am sorely out of touch with New York this year (sob, weep, sorrow).

The Nominees for best play are:

The Nominees for best musical are:

Regardless of being the times, I will watch as I always do. My joy in the proceedings isn’t the same as it was when I was 17 but my love of the theatre prevails. And, I do want to see The Book of Mormon and Warhorse; The Tony’s is a great way to get a sneak peak. I saw a TED TALK all about the making of the horses for Warhorse which was a fascinating evolution of puppetry.

The official Tony website has video interviews on all the nominees.

The New York Times has a special Tony feature. I especially enjoyed reading about the journey of The Book of Mormon to the stage and the Anatomy of a Showstopper.

Break a leg everyone!

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