Want to Get Published? Read the Publisher’s Guidelines!

August is turning out to be the busiest month ever for script submissions. This is a very good thing. Unfortunately the majority of submitters have clearly not read our posted submission guidelines. This is a very bad thing.

We’re pretty specific about what we’re looking for. And even more specific about what we’re not looking for.

Most publishers take submissions by email nowadays. This is a godsend for the environment. But it leads to the problem of shotgun submissions – playwrights firing off their plays one by one through a long list of publishers without any research.

All theatrical publishers have author guidelines on their websites. Ours are here. It’s vital that you take a few minutes to read them before submitting your script. Sending clearly inappropriate content wastes everyone’s time.

We recently got a submission that was so wildly away from our guidelines (and probably 90% of other publishers’ guidelines) that we’re still blushing here in the office. I really wish I could give you more details but if I did, this would no longer be a family-friendly website. Catch us in the lounge at a conference this fall we’ll fill you in, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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I’d also like to point to you a recent interview with Annie Gibson, publisher of Playwrights Canada Press. She shares some great tips for prospective playwrights.

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