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What’s New at Theatrefolk?

We’ve got new scripts and we’re going to tell you about them! First off, there’s two new Middle School issue plays. Next, a wonderful high school character piece from Christian Kiley. Then, a companion adaptation to our Alice. And lastly, an addition to our Shakespeare in an Hour series. Come on in, the water’s fine…

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In This Issue -What’s New at Theatrefolk?

Funhouse & Hoodie

I’ve been thinking about specific middle school issues for a while. Bullying is something that comes up again and again at conference tables, how pre-teens become aware of who they are and what they look like is another. This leads to our two newest middle school plays – Funhouse and Hoodie.

Discovering Rogue

Rogue seems to be a smart, bright, funny girl. A smart, bright, funny girl who is currently living in a cardboard box on the beach. Why? What did she run away from? That’s tricky. Rogue didn’t just run away from home, she’s run away from herself.

We spoke with Christian about his journey writing Discovering Rogue.

Through The Looking-Glass

It’s been on my radar to adapt Through The Looking Glass for the stage for quite some time. First, I had such a great time adapting Alice In Wonderland. The world of Wonderland is so ‘mad’ it is impossible not to be creative and theatrical when working on it. And second, Looking-Glass automatically works as a companion piece to Alice, which is what finally prompted me to get going on the adaptation “” a school wanted to do Alice but was really looking for a full length. A play is born!

The Comedy of Errors

We’re so pleased that John Minigan has worked on another annotated cutting for our One Hour Shakespeare series. This time it’s The Comedy of Errors.

This play is a great Shakespeare for high schools to tackle “” it’s active, it’s comedic, it’s fun! Two sets of twins, separated at birth, find themselves in the same town and an adventure of mistaken identity ensues.

We spoke to John about his work on The Comedy of Errors.

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