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2010 Thespian Festival – Day Six

Last day at the 2010 Thespian Festival

It’s our sixth (and last!) day at the 2010 International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. On today’s video we talk about the amazing people we met and the stories we heard this week.


It’s day five or six, depending on how you are counting it here at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. But what’s really important, it doesn’t matter how you count it, what’s really important is for us is it’s the last day. And if it wasn’t for the steady screams of the auditorium right next door where they are heading out the awards for the week, I am not sure we’d be awake right now. But we wanted to share with you some of our awesome memories from this week here. Two of them that stood out for me, one was a girl came to our table all excited that she had won a scholarship to the school that she really really wanted to go to, and she won it using one of the monologues from one of Lindsay’s plays. And the other awesome story that slayed me was a teacher came, and she saw one of our plays called “The Merrie Christmas Show.” We got into a conversation about how much she loved that play. But what she told us was, I think she was one of the very first people to ever buy the play because the copy she had was from when we were first starting Theatrefolk and we were making all the plays on the floor in our living room with a paper cutter and a binder and it was really cool to communicate with her about that. And we gave her the copy of the newly well made version of the play. Well, so I’m going to throw this over to Lindsay and she is going share her thoughts with you too.

Yes, we are very very very tired. Cause not only are we at the table, I am also teaching three hours of workshops. Sometimes you just stare of into space and you have to reorganize. So my favorite story, too of course, we had a scene from Wait Wait Bo Bait, two guys did it and they got all the way to callbacks for the National Individual Event Showcase and they were so excited and then oh so devastated when they didn’t make it to showcase. But I was really really… it was a really exciting moment for me. And secondly, we talked to a whole cast, who did production of Sweep Under Rug and it was so interesting to hear their take on things. One of the characters in Sweep Under Rug is a sort of a maniacal doll and the girl who played her was very very short and she had a really interesting take on the character and they came up and they had a little jingle that was in the show and it was just… I never get to see a lot of the productions because they are all far aflung and it’s conferences like this where I get to actually meet the students and talk to them and find out about their experience that really makes this amazing. It’s really not about selling books, it’s about the experiences that we have that makes everything worthwhile. Okay, I am going to go have a nap. See ya!

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