2010 Thespian Festival – Day Three

Lindsay Price at the Theatrefolk table. 2010 Thespian Festival in Lincoln NE.

It’s day three at the 2010 Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.Today we received the best-prepared author submission ever. In this video Lindsay talks about what made the submission great and offers tips for playwrights looking to get their plays published and performed.


Hello, here we are at the International Thespians Festival. It’s Wednesday, I think. It all depends, who knows? It’s already a mish mash.

Today I was teaching workshops, I did two playwriting workshops today, went really well.

What I am going to talk to you today is submissions. We get a lot of submissions at Theatrefolk. I have to say a lot of them can be rejected outright because of no cover letter, poorly formatted, people sending stuff that doesn’t fit into our catalogue, what we are all about. Writers not taking the time to suss us out and send appropriate material. So, we’re at the table and we have a student that comes up and she says do you accept new material and we say yes and we tell her what the guidelines are and we say you know what? If the guidelines are good, email me a copy. She says I have six copies in my bag and I say give me a copy and not only does she give me a copy, she gives me a copy that has all her contact information, huge description of the play. There is all the first production information, so I know it’s been produced. There is a DVD. This, my friends, is the ultimate submission because all of the information is here, because the play is well-formatted, because there is a description, because she really sold it to us. She really talked it up. I am like ready, open, willing, to read this play. That’s what it’s all about.

If you are a writer, A) go out and get your plays done, don’t be sitting around waiting for publishers or producer. Go out and try and get your plays into where you want them. Will you get rejected? Of course you will. Don’t give up. And 2) make sure your play is presented in its best possible light, make sure it’s formatted properly, make sure there is a clear cover letter, make sure you are giving us great descriptions because that’s what makes publishers and producers happy and I can’t wait to read this play.

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