2010 Thespian Festival – Day Two

Crowds in Lincoln

We just posted a new video where we share their thoughts on the second day at the 2010 International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska. Lindsay gives some observations and tips after adjudicating SIX(!) hours of monologues.


Hey, here we are at the second day at Lincoln but our first day of exhibiting actually doing work. This was my home today. We have our scripts, our catalogues, and all of that fun stuff. I got one question over and over and over again while I was sitting at this table here, where is Lindsay? So I have to ask, Lindsay where were you today, we missed you.

It’s so nice to be wanted. Well, the first thing I will tell you is I cannot feel my arm, my elbow to the tip of my finger because I was spending six hours today, six, adjudicating monologues with the international event showcase. So, I had a really great time. I actually enjoy it. I like seeing what the students come up with. I like really striving to give constructive criticism. And here are some things that came up over and over again. One thing that came up a lot was that students were making physical and vocal choices to be funny or to be dramatic as supposed to really striving for what the character wants and why they want it and why they are speaking and using that to drive their monologue. There is a real difference. It comes across as… one is really three-dimensional and one is a little less. The other thing is shifting, lots of shifting, how many times I wrote, “Stand your ground.” When you stand your ground you really have a strength in character. It’s so hard for characters and for actors to know how to stand still. So, I got go and ice my arm now and… Craig they are coming out of the show so we really have to go do some work and we will see you here tomorrow. I am going to start talking about workshops, workshops and more workshops, see ya.

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