2011, Here we come….

Well, hello! Nice to see you again. How have you been? Did you have a nice break? Yeah, me too. Ready to get back at it. Here we go, a brand spanking new year. Where are we – 2011? Already? Anyone remember when 2000 was right around the corner? Good times.


  • A formal expression.
  • A firm resolve.
  • The mental state or quality of being resolute.
  • Determining upon a course of action.

Here’s my big problem with the word resolution; it’s stuffy. A real stuffed shirt. And overly grand. It’s the kind of word that looks down it’s nose at the mere thought that you should dare, dare, to even THINK that YOU could ever DREAM to have let alone SUCCEED at a RESOLUTION ….TION…..TION.

No wonder people fail at them. They feel pressured by this ostentatious overblown word to make these grand sweeping gestures toward unachievable accomplishments: Lose a hundred pounds! Make a million dollars! Get to the top of that really high mountain and nothing or no one is going to stand in my way…… except for that word looking snootily down his (or her depending on your personification of words) nose….. Yep, it’s no wonder people fail.

So, I have no resolutions for 2011. I have a number of things I’d like to do, a couple of plans, and a challenge or two. That’s really what I like to lay out at the start of a year – figure out how I’m going to challenge myself in the next twelve months. Because that way, whether the challenge succeeds or fails is really moot. It was a challenge.

The To-Do List for 2011

  • Reach out: I want to contact a musician I don’t personally know, but admire, and who doesn’t know me or my work about the possibility of collaboration. This is a big challenge and it’s something I could have done already since I’ve been thinking about it for a month, but I’m intensely procrastinating. The fail percentage is high and I know I’m going to get back a ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply. But I might not. So I have to do it, right? I’ve been writing and re-writing the email over and over in my head and I keep coming off like an idiot. Not necessarily a new feeling, so I have to just do it, right?
  • Adjudication: I have taken some steps toward becoming an adjudicator over the past year. Actually, 2010 held numerous ventures out of my comfort zone. Not all of them were successful making me realize how much writing means to me. But adjudication is here to stay, I believe that strongly in providing constructive (NOT destructive) criticism for teens. My goal is to adjudicate five times in 2011. I have one festival set up already, so four more to go!
  • Two plays: 2011 is all about new writing. I have two difficult projects I’m aiming to move forward with – my Poe adaptation and a non-verbal middle school bullying issue play. That one is such a tightrope, and I’m nowhere near being able to find the right balance. This play is so necessary, it needs to be written and yet so easy to screw up. I did a workshop last year that didn’t, well, work, the way I wanted and I’ve had to put my re-think cap back on. It just isn’t possible to solve bullying with a play, that’s the tricky part. I’ve read some horrible, horrible plays that try to do just that.
  • And…. A super secret writing project. This one is just so weird, it doesn’t even exist on paper. It’s a concept with some noise floating at the back of my brain. It’s scary and that’s exciting. It makes me sigh though. These weird projects are hard because frankly, they don’t do as well as the fluffy bunny stuff. And I fully support fluffy bunny plays. The act of being in a play, any play, (fluffy or tragic or somewhere in-between, hmm what would that be, flugic?) improves communication, self-expression and self-confidence skills in a teenager. I love that intensely.
  • World Domination: And of course Theatrefolk is going to take over the world. Kidding! If there’s anything Theatrefolk is not going to do, it’s take over the world. We have little to no interest in World domination at Theatrefolk Global Headquarters. We want conversations. We want community. We want cake. Have you tried my chocolate chip pound cake? You should. What we want is to offer more, more, and more to our customers. That mostly means free stuff, folks. As much as we can. Not cake, but perhaps items that are much more valuable to drama teachers and students.

Without being able to see the future, 2011 has all the makings of a pretty good year. It’s exciting to know what you’re working on and to be a little scared by it too. I mean, it’s not running into a burning building, it’s words on the page. Here’s to 2011! But first, cake……

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