Hello New Year, nice to meet you. Can you believe another year has passed? No, neither can I. Where does the time go?

Here at Theatrefolk, we’re rip roaring and ready to take on this thing called a New Year. Thanks to three weeks of pretty much absolute down time, we’re movie’d out, we’re tv’d out, we’re sleep’d out and we’re ready to rock and roll.

Not one for Resolutions, but I’ve definitely got some thoughts and plans for what I want to do in the upcoming year.

  1. I adjudicated three festivals in 2011, so I want to at least match that. I’ve got one in the hopper, need two more.
  2. I have plans to start two new plays, one of which already has a production lined up, how nice! Speaking of which….
  3.  I need to find a first production for a new vignette play that was workshopped in the fall. (HEY TEACHERS! WANT TO PREMIERE A NEW VIGNETTE PLAY??? TALK TO ME!)
  4. Keep trying to find a home for Shuddersome, my Poe adaptation. It’s been a struggle, which probably means there’s something up with it. But until there’s a production, how will I figure it out? And round and round we go…
  5. I also have plans to complete a 20 minute a day project which I read about here. I’ve got some thoughts on a pretty big Theatrefolk Freebie Idea for May Madness, and if I start now at 20 minutes a day, that should work out just fine.
  6. And lastly I have a completely wacka-doodle writing project. It involves purchasing something vintagey so once I have that, I’ll spill the beans. Trust me, it’s truly ridiculous and could crash and burn. I’m totally in love with it.
  7. On a completely non-theatre note, I’m aiming to be able to do a pull up. That’s right. One. As in, I can currently do none. As in I pull and nothing happens.

Rock and roll!

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