24 Hour Playwriting Contest

I forgot to talk about the teacher I met at NYSTEA who runs a 24 hour playwriting contest with his students. This is amazing and truthfully as a teenager I would have done anything to be a part of it. What a wonderful experience for writers, directors and actors!

The event starts out at 8pm with the writers. They have a theme and a ten page limit. Then they have twelve hours to finish their script. In a different conversation I had about this, one of the volunteers talked about when they did it at their school, the actors each brought in an cd of music, an object and an image written down on a piece of paper and the writers had to select one of each and use them in their play in some what. I like that idea a lot.

Then at the end of the twelve hours the directors come in, read the plays, get a synopsis written and character lists. They meet with the stage manager and the actors. The groups rehearse until 7pm and then the plays are performed in front of an audience.

I love the performance aspect at the end – it’s like a mini life cycle of a play all concentrated into twenty four hours. There’s also a great sense of finish – sometimes it’s so hard to finish those plays!

A great idea and I think I’m going to make it the focus of an upcoming newsletter.

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