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25 Ways to Celebrate Theatre in Our Schools

25 Ways to Celebrate Theatre in our Schools
Written by Craig Mason

Did you know that this is Theatre in Our Schools Month?

Thanks to the AATE (American Alliance for Theatre & Education) for this fantastic list of 25 great ways to celebrate theatre in our schools!

Here are a few of our favourites:

Adopt a Kid for the Theatre: Take a “little brother or sister” to see a theatre performance.

Open theatre classes or regular rehearsals to your school’s students for a day.

Coordinate a children’s theatre or storytelling event with local libraries.

Encourage teachers in every department to involve theatre in their lesson plans.

Post daily or weekly theatre trivia in your classroom, school, or business.

Tour a performance to elementary schools, retirement communities, and community centers.

Host a student playwriting contest and present a staged reading of the winning play. Ask local businesses to donate prizes.

Ask theatre alumni to return to class as guest speakers.

Visit the AATE to view the complete list of suggestions.

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