30 Days of Development

The past three months have been about a lot of things other than writing for me. All good things: a lot of data collection, promoting Shout!, actually enjoying a summer. (The problem with enjoying a summer is that you start to get rather panicky when it starts to disappear…) But writing has definitely taken a back seat. So, it’s time to get on the horse again.

In September, I’m doing a 30 Days of Development Project. Write, Submit, Post every day for 30 days. No misses, no excuses, nothing but net.

Sounds easy? Well, I’ve done a writing binge, and a submission binge before, just not together. And there’s many, many distractions in a day. And the weekends aren’t off limits either. And I’m going to two conferences in September, gotta find time to write and submit there too.

I have two workshops planned for November and this will be a great recharge as I take my publishers hat off and put my writers hat back on.

Check back here tomorrow, for the first post!

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