There are roasted tomatoes in my oven, right now.

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Writing? I’m supposed to be writing? Huh.

Random Thoughts: Hey Lindsay, when are you going to do something? Are you going to watch the Food Network all day? Are you really watching Paula Deen? What’s wrong with you?

What? Oh come on, I’m only human. We went grocery shopping today, so I’m in a bit of a dizzy tizzy as I think about the cooking that’s going to happen this weekend. I’m a new cook (like new new) and I’m having a fabulous time with it. Number seven hundred and three in the list of things about why I love working at home. Bread can rise and I can work at the same time! Whee! Tomatoes can roast all day long in the oven! Whee!

Ahem: This weekend we’ll be making…..

  • Potato bread
  • Oatmeal Molasses Bread
  • French Onion Soup. With homemade stock.
  • Homemade mac and cheese (we’ve got FOUR KINDS OF CHEESE in the fridge)
  • Pork Dumplings with SAUCE (two kinds)
  • Cheesecake Brownies and maybe some shortcake ones.

That is money baby, that is Prime A – What? Oh you wanted to read about writing? You think I should get back on track with my WRITING blog and not my cooking blog? (speaking of cooking blogs Pioneer Woman is currently my favourite cooking, life, personality blog , and then there’s Smitten Kitchen, and Eggs on Sunday, and Serious Eats and …..) OH ALL RIGHT, back to the salt mines.

Writing: I’m back on to the Bee play. Fresh of mind and light of heart. Did I mention there was tomatoes roasting in my kitchen?

Thoughts: I start out today thinking about my Has-Bees. I need them. They add a lightness to what is becoming an increasingly darkening tale. I don’t mind a darkening tale but I need balance. My little bees flesh out the cast size, which I also need. They’re cute, which is great, and light, which is what I need, and I know students will love to play them (think of the outfits) but it’s not enough. They need to have purpose and meaning.

So I started out today doing some research on Bee symbolism, and came up with some FABULOUS stuff. Research is one of my go-to doors into a work; I search, search, search, till the creativity bell rings. But I never expected the height and depth of the stuff I would find. Very inspiring, extremely appropriate to the play, it’s so great to open a door and be flooded with information. I can totally make them work. I’m going to go eat some roasted tomatoes and celebrate.

I’m also added the notion of the ‘photo’ to the script. Another layer. We all look so normal in pictures, what’s happening beyond the frame? To that end, I wrote a new beginning, all in snapshots which I’m quite happy with. I have an idea about the tearing up of a photo, how could I theatricalize that? Hmmmm. Tomorrow is tomorrow so with a nod to Paul Simon….

A cloud shifts
The plane lifts
She moves on

Submission: Full length Appliance to Two Chairs Theatre Company.

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  • I’m going to be making Baked French Toast for my breakfast group on Monday! There will be apricot jam involved, though I am not sure how…

    I read some recipes, said, “ah yes, it needs roughly the ingredients I thought it would. Tomorrow I’ll go buy some stuff and just wing it!”

    Kind of like the rest of my life… :)