5 questions with Janice Harris

Written by Lindsay Price

We have a great community of amazing playwrights here at Theatrefolk that contribute to our collection of middle and high school plays. We hope you’ll enjoy this peek behind the curtain as they share how they approach the creative process, how they overcome challenges, and what advice they have for young playwrights. Don’t forget to check out their work!

Meet Theatrefolk Playwright Janice Harris – the author of Myth-o-logues

What was your first theatrical experience? How did it impact you?
In high school, our choral program did a spring musical each year. Being in these shows gave me a life-long love of the live stage experience.



Why do you write plays?
I wrote Myth-o-logues to compliment and expand the material available for my students to use while studying Greek drama history.


What’s the most challenging part of writing a play?
Perhaps the most difficult part is getting the dialogue to flow like I want it to.



How do you address/overcome those challenges?
I write, rewrite, and write again. I need to hear what I have written, so I read each piece aloud multiple times, revise, rewrite, and read aloud again till I like what I hear.


What advice do you have for young writers struggling to finish a draft?
Don’t give up. Have others read what you have written. Stage a read through with your students and friends and listen to their impressions and recommendations.


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