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A Big Win for the Arts in San Diego

The indispensable Arts Blog points us to a story highlighting advocates who halted the elimination of the and Performing Arts Department from San Diego schools.

Advocates Win in SDUSD

I don’t do media. So I asked around for advice. I contacted a colleague who specializes in public relations. We put together a brief for her, and in 48 hours, she helped us pull together a media event. She told us that it is important to have strong visuals. So the VAPA Director helped get kids there – theatre students came in costume; arts students made banners, and musicians brought instruments. The Guild of Puppetry brought some huge puppets, including one Day of the Dead character.

The kids hung a sign around his neck that said “Don’t Kill the Arts.” We got all the local news stations – even someone from the Spanish language station, Univision. One lesson we learned is that we needed a Spanish-speaking advocate at the event, because we needed someone who could speak to the Spanish language reporter in Spanish.

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