A Bunch of Wood and Cloth – Basil Twist

I think that people would relate to a bunch of wood and cloth is the most extraordinary thing.
~Basil Twist

Have you heard of Basil Twist? I confess that I hadn’t until I stumbled on a couple of videos of his work on YouTube. He’s a puppeteer and is just the sort of theatre artist that I adore. He places emphasis on creativity, on what can be created from next-to-nothing.

I can’t manipulate it too much. I can kind of let it do things.
~Basil Twist

His work is decidedly, purposefully low-tech. Talent over technology. And he brings his puppets to life with a great mastery.

Here are a couple of videos I found of his work. They’re all quite short but I think they give a pretty good indication of his passion and his talent.

I really hope I get to see him perform some day!

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