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A Community Supports the Arts

“The program is a win-win-win,” she said. “A win for parents, kids and the community.”

In this time of such dour news when it comes to arts education and keeping the arts in student’s lives, it was thrilling to read this story in the Cambridge Chronicle.

This production of Once On This Island involved over 60 students and strove to combine students in other departments. We hear time and time again of the drama department not getting along with the music department. It’s nice to hear of some collaboration and co-operation.

“Residents of the city of Cambridge have made it clear that the arts are important to their child’s education,” she said. “There is a wonderful inclusion of the arts as part of the overall curriculum, and a recognition of the arts as important.”

This was wonderful to read as well. Congratulations to the students, the teachers and the community for making the arts important!

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