A Day in the Life of a Theatre

8:45 a.m. A clanking from behind the darkened stage announces the arrival of Patrick Campbell of Nitrogen Services. Wearing gloves and ear plugs, he’s transporting a gas-filled canister on a dolly to refill the carbon dioxide tank backstage for the evening show. The CO2 fuels the smoke machines used during the performance to enhance the lighting.

It’s such a privileged to be on stage getting the focus and applause of the audience. But for every person on stage there are dozens of others who are every bit as important to making the show go on.

I love love loved reading this Toronto Star article about the day in the life of a theatre. Specifically Rock of Ages at Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre. It’s truly amazing how much work by how many people goes on between the time we take our bows and when the curtain rises again the next night. From general maintenance to beer deliveries to smoke machine top-ups, there’s a dizzying amount of activity needed to keep a show running.

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Craig Mason