A Game

You see it a lot on TV talent competition shows in the audition stage. Some one enters the room, performs less than well, is told no and they go into ‘one more’ mode.

  • Give me one more shot.
  • Give me one more chance.
  • Let me go again.

They’re often flummoxed that they don’t get around shot, chance, go. It’s so unfair, they didn’t let me go again. Why can’t I try again? Of course there’s another question. Why weren’t you good enough the first time? Why didn’t you bring your A game the second you opened your mouth or took that first step? Why isn’t it about you and what you’re doing? Sure, nerves get the best of some. But really, if you’re that nervous, then again it falls on you. It’s not the auditor’s job to make you less nervous. You need to learn how to calm your nerves, or practice so much you’re not nervous, or do something else.

And you want to talk A game? Watch this video of dancers in a music video audition. This is an audition. Not a performance. They are not asking for second chances, there are no excuses, they are bringing it from the very first second.

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