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Dana Arts Education in the News

I recently subscribed to a quarterly publication from The Dana Foundation called Arts Education in the News.

My first issue just came and I’m thoroughly impressed. Here are some sample headlines from the issue I received:

  • Brain Scientists Identify Close Links between Arts, Learning
  • Music Education Improves Literacy of Second-Graders
  • Arts Appear to Play Role in Brain Development

What is The Dana Foundation? Here’s how they describe themselves:

The Dana Foundation is a private philanthropy with principal interests in brain science,¬†immunology, and arts education… The Foundation’s current interest in arts education is focused primarily on professional development that fosters improved teaching of the performing arts in public schools. Our arts education outreach includes offering free publications (including the latest news in arts education), books and articles related to the field, organizing conferences, and providing access to resources in arts learning on this Web site.


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