A Little Night Music

A Little Night Music

It’s still New York Week. Up today is A Little Night Music. A heavily hyped cast (Elaine Stritch and Bernadette Peters) in the Sondheim/Wheeler classic. Did the stars shine?


Hello, here we are still in New York City talking about the shows that we saw. Last night we saw “A Little Night Music” by the amazing Steven Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler. And… very interesting show. Craig and I talked about it long after the show was over. So, lets start with you Craig, what did you think about “A Little Night Music?”

I absolutely loved the design of the show and what I always love about a great designer is when all of the design comes straight out of the script. And what we had in this case was… 99% of the music in the script is in 3/4 time, or waltz time, and that’s exactly how the design was interpreted. The set was just a basic box set but then pieces of the set would roll out in circular arcs to form different scenes. And with such a simple set, all they needed in the second act, when they move out to the country, is just adding the suggestion of a few birch trees. Also the direction was informed by the music, too. Again, big spenders that we are, we were sitting high above the show so we could see all the patterns that were being established and moved about the stage. All of the movement was in these grand circular motions and all of the pieces were brought on in grand circular motions, and I just loved how the book and the direction and the design just all touched each other. Lindsay what did you love about the show or like about the show or want to say about the show?

Okay, well let’s start about why we were there. One, we’re Sondheim freaks, love him, but the show’s been on for a while and they had two big star names replace the leads. Angela Lansbury Catherine Zeta-Jones were in it originally and they were replaced by Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch. And we have to admit, that’s the reason why we went. We went to see Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch and they did not disappoint. Elaine Stirtch was exactly as you could expect, milking the jokes for everything they’re worth. Bernadette Peters was exactly as you would expect, milking her moments for everything they were worth. But what was really above and beyond was the supporting cast. They were fantastic. My favourite part was a part that, you know, I didn’t know the show very well, I didn’t know who they were and I was transfixed. Particularly by the five person chorus. They sang their asses off and I have to say, that’s the reason why you come to New York, that’s the reason why you go to Broadway, very few places that I have ever seen elsewhere. There is always an unevenness in the cast, there is always someone who stands out who shouldn’t be there and that wasn’t the way it was last night. Everyone on that stage should have been there, meant to there and especially that chorus, you deserve every kudos I have to give. Ok that’s it for “A Little Night Music.” Oh, one last thing, book half an hour too long, half an hour too long, why is the book so long? And we’ll be back! See ya!

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