A Lovely Review of “Magic Fairy in the Microwave”

It’s violent and bloody, which is something you rarely ever see on the high school stage, but so gleefully funny (in a dark and twisted way) that it totally gets away with it. I am 100% certain that high school students will love its many physical challenges and teachers will appreciate its message.

Dara Murphy’s Magic Fairy in the Microwave easily ranks among our oddest plays. I love it wholeheartedly, but it’s so odd that I have a rough time describing it to anyone.

It has such a magnetic title that everyone who sees it at a conference table picks it up immediately and asks about it. I do my darndest but I’m always feeling like I’m missing something.

Fellow Theatrefolk playwright Bradley Hayward took a “stab” at describing the show on his blog and described it far better than I ever have. But even Bradley apparently struggled with describing the script accurately:

This description doesn’t sound particularly funny, but trust me…it is. I wish I could do the play the justice it deserves, but you will just have to read it for yourself to understand what I cannot put into words. Truly, it’s a play you need to see in order to believe.

Thanks, Bradley! I agree. You really have to see it for yourself in order to really “get it.”

You can read the majority of Magic Fairy in the Microwave for free right here.

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