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A New Play! Virtual Family by Christian Kiley


When I was eleven years old I became addicted to the writings of Arthur C Clarke. What attracted me to his writing was that, while he was writing “Science Fiction,” he was writing in a future of possibility, as opposed to a future of fantasy. I mean, the man invented the geosynchronous satellite, so he must’ve certainly had a clear vision of the future. Sure, Star Wars changed my life too, but it’s based on archetypal hero stories, not any kind of futuristic vision.

The future of possibility, good or bad, is exactly what attracted me to Christian Kiley’s Virtual Family. In it, he imagines a future where children are raised by computerized PADs
(Personal Assistance Devices) that give them every tool, every piece of knowledge they could ever need to succeed in life. The only thing they don’t learn is humanity. It’s so possible, it’s chilling.

Virtual Family Production Photo

The play runs about 30 minutes, has seriously low-tech staging requirements, has a cast of five (totally gender-neutral) and, in my opinion, would kick some serious butt at a competition dominated by shallow comedies.

Please, please, please read the sample pages and do whatever you can to prevent this future from happening.

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