A nice surprise in Lincoln

Just back from the International Thespians Festival in Lincoln Nebraska. Over the past ten years, we’ve gone to this festival six times and I’m afraid I couldn’t say one thing about the place! The conference is our busiest; twelve+ hour days which leave little time for sightseeing.

Can’t complain though – the festival is the only place where you can meet people from all over the States and beyond. It’s a one stop shop. And the schools change yearly: so long as we have teachers coming up to us and saying “I’ve never heard of you” we’ll keep going.

The festival is a mecca for the theatre loving teen. If I had such access when I was younger I’m sure I would have fainted daily. The students get to see two mainstage shows (and these are HUGE shows in a three thousand seat theatre), plus a plethora of theatre related workshops, plus one acts, plus the ability to audition for a number of colleges – it’s a one stop shop for them too.

This year we had a nice surprise. One of my plays, Pressure, was performed as part of the Chapter Select Showcase. This is an invitation only series from the different regions of Thespians, so it’s a big deal. The complete bummer of it was that the performance was on the same day I was leaving so I couldn’t see the show. I heard such great things about it too.

One of my ultimate goals is to get a show on the main stage.

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