Teaching Drama

A study in Contrast

Two new High Schools for the Arts opened in LA this month and they couldn’t be more different than night and day. One is brand new and expensive looking, the other is being held in rented rooms. Read this LA Times article about The Los Angeles Unified school at 450 N. Grand Ave and The Fernando Pullum Performing Arts High School.

Thinking back on my own theatrical experiences and the expense of them; there’s been much more ‘without’ than ‘with.’ For the most part it was an excellent training ground -I’m never at a loss when I have to come up with a creative (CHEAP) solution in a script. Sometimes I feel the grand master of the large cast, modern dress, two cube play!

So what do you think? Will the school with money ‘be better’ than the school with out? Does money equal better? If the teaching is good does the beauty of the building matter? Does none of it matter, expect the great fact that arts schools are still being opened? Are these two schools that different after all?

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