A Tale of Two Lauries

As I mentioned previously I’m playing a little hookey from Theatrefolk to perform in a production of Brighton Beach Memoirs.

One of the characters is Laurie, a 13-year-old girl. They’ve cast her locally, and have divided the responsibilities between two girls, who will alternate performances. This makes a lot of sense because they’re in school all day and with us until the wee hours rehearsing. They need to sleep and/or do homework sometime.

They’re both doing remarkably well (both were off book before the first rehearsal!) It’s a great joy to have such youthful energy backstage. They really help me remember how exciting and magical it is to make live theatre. The only negative is that one of them is absolutely terrible at Draw Something. I’m looking at you, Grace!

Here’s a video tour of the set and an interview with our Lauries from the local news station CKPG.

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