Alabama Thespians

Just got back from Alabama State Thespian festival. An incredibly hospitable group and I had a great time teaching workshops. Met such a sweet group of kids who were doing scenes from my plays in an IE (individual events) competition. They seemed surprised that I would want to talk to them. I got that last week too when I went to see a production of Flaky Lips. They couldn’t believe I would come to see the show. Of course I would! I’m still get excited when anybody does one of my plays. I’d go to more if I could. We bought a car before Christmas and have already been to three local productions.

I wasn’t able to watch the competition but told the students to come find me afterwards to tell me how it went. Not only did they do that, they taped the scenes on a camcorder. One pair did a scene from Body Body and another from Pressure. Both did a great!

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