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“A quick change is four seconds. A fast change is, like, 15 seconds”

Photo by Sara Krulwich

Photo by Sara Krulwich

When watching the Tony’s this week, I was pretty cooled out to see the way Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother “transformed” from their rags to riches costumes. It was on stage and not perfect because it wasn’t in their home theatre but pretty much. I enjoyed it mostly because the change wasn’t a special effects trick, it was a constructed costume. The costume designer for Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway (hmmm, that’s seems an unnecessary mouthful) William Ivy Long designed 330 costumes for Cinderella and during the show, there are 30 people working on costume changes. That is pretty amazing. The video below shows Cinderella, Laura Osnes, going for a costume fitting (ignore the twee, I’m writing in my diary moment at the beginning) and shows how much work goes into just maintaining her glass slippers. There’s a neat tip in there on keeping tutu full! And click here for an NPR program on Broadway costumes¬†including Cinderella.


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