Allison Williams Featured in Building a Theatre Company from Scratch

In addition to being an amazing playwright, Theatrefolk author Allison Williams (the one on the left) also owns and manages The Aerial Angels. The Angels are a very successful company that blends circus and theatre.

They were featured recently in an article entitled Start-ups and Upstarts: Building a Theatre Company from Scratch.

“Truly motivated people don’t fail – they have learning experiences in which money is lost or creative dreams go unrealized, but it’s not failure unless they walk away without being educated by it.” – Allison Williams

It’s very good reading, particularly for young people considering a career in the theatre. Yes, there’s a “traditional career path” that everyone wants you to follow. But that path is very crowded. And intensely competitive. And it’s not for everybody. For those with drive and artistic ambition, sometimes your best option is to do it all yourself. If you’re not willing to hire yourself, how can you convince others to hire you?

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