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An Arts Education Revolution

The arts are an arena that immediately draws students into the learning process and keeps them engaged. When including learning through the arts or about the arts (hopefully both), education becomes revolutionary for our time if our intention is to educate caring, compassionate, engaged, thoughtful, and reflective citizens.

This article entitled Time for a Revolution: Arts Education at the Ready on artsblog is long. Longer than it should be. I know your eyes start to glaze over when you’re staring at a screen for too long. I see you hitting that back button.

But Merryl Goldberg has something very important to say. Something that’s worth fighting the eye glaze for.

If you’re a believe in the importance of arts education. If you’re involved with arts education. If you think arts education needs to change, needs to take a stronger stance, be a bigger part, it’s worth every word.

Read it now!

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