An Exciting Week Ahead

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming week. First off, I’ll be in Florida. The weather at home has been cold, raining and windy enough to knock you over. Can’t wait for some sun that’s pleasantly warm, yet doesn’t want to kill me. How do you Florida people handle July????

I have many projects this week – first is a day long new play workshop in Bradenton. I’m so grateful to Lakewood Ranch High School for having me in to work on two brand new plays with the students. Beauty and the Bee is a new full length (there will also be a one act competition version). It’s an interesting combination of realism, fantasy, life sized bees, and vivid characters. Flight of the Bumblebee figures prominently.

Secondly, I’ve been holding on to an adaptation of Walt Whitman’s Drum Taps poems from Leaves of Grass for awhile to get it into a school. I’m very interested to see this on its feet. Does the play bring the poems to life? Does it work as a piece of theatre? Is the vision in my head translatable? Trust me, I know that’s not always the case. Strange place my head.

Thirdly, there’s the Florida Theatre Conference. I’ll be teaching my First Draft Foothills workshop there. It’s a workshop on motivating playwrights toward a second draft of their play. Going? Come say hi!

Fourthly, a weekend at Disneyworld. Food and Wine Festival. Bring it. Shout out to Lofty!

Fifthly (we’re not finished yet friends) St Cloud High School is working on an evening of Theatrefolk plays – one recently published, The Snow Show (I still find it hilarious a school in Florida is doing a play about Snow!) and they’re test producing a play which we’ll be publishing in the spring, Censorbleep. I’ve been so mad, frustrated, flummoxed at the state of censorship in schools that it was inevitable a play would manifest itself. That or a hernia. I prefer the play. It’s a strange bird of a play and I’m interested to see how it’s been interpreted. This school did a reading last year and I’m so pleased they’re excited to work on it again.

Sixthly and lastly, a full day playwriting workshop at Atlantic High School. I’m teaching a beginner playwright workshop in the morning and then an Advanced workshop in the afternoon. Huge, huge, huge, shout out to the principal of this school. Tuesday the 11th is a holiday and there is no school. The principal allowed the teacher to open the building and offer the workshop. That my friends, is supporting the arts and I thank Ronald S. Pagano with all my heart. Should be lots of fun and I know they’re excited.

Seventhly, (hmmmm does that word even exist??) plane. Home. Bed.

I can’t wait!

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