And now, the end is near….

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: Cooking with Gas on the Bee Play. Whee!

Thoughts: Working, working, working today. I’m a steam train, I’m a boiling pot o’ water. (What? Oh never mind) The end is near and I’m 100% confident I can finish the draft by tomorrow. ( I love those famous last words) I have five questions to address in the second act, and really I only need to get to three of them to finish the draft. It feels great and very accomplished. Yay me.

And speaking of great I got some very nice news today. I entered the one act version of Beauty and the Bee in TADA Theatre’s One Act Playwriting Competition and I was one of the winners! They choose three plays and along with a prize they do a festival of readings.

I’ve been thinking about my non verbal play a lot this week. Sometimes the act of writing isn’t just the typing and the pen and paper. It’s a lot of thinking. Letting ideas run around the brain. I think a lot about my work when I’m running, walking, watching tv, doing errands, out and about and so on. But never when I’m driving. I don’t think and drive.

As I’ve previously gone on about, I’m rather upset about some of the stories I’ve been hearing about people and organizations who are supposed to be there to support teens and could give a crap about them. I want to get those frustrations out in a play. The non-verbal just might be the place to do this; thematically it works well especially the idea of authority vs teenager, the idea of teenage obedience, the idea that authority doesn’t want anything to do with teenagers, other than see them sit quietly.

I had already been thinking about using human sounds as well as music as the background and then I started thinking about using screams and then this came to me:


Sometimes you come up with ideas that make you step back from your brain. You put the words on a piece of paper and you stare at them. You put the paper aside. Hmm. Could I do that? I think I could. Could I? Hmm. Would it actually be scary and not cheezy? Hmm. Students would love the style but would the style overwhelm the theme? Hmm. Could be an interesting challenge. Hmm.

I had this particular idea two days ago and I still haven’t got past those two words. They’re still running around in my brain. Can’t wait to see where they go.

Speaking of running around in my brain. Only one more day to go!!!!!

Submission: Saved with a reprieve from the Governor. Didn’t have a submission when I set down to write this post, went to my playwright binge site and there was someone looking for a two-hander for two freshman high school girls. Those I got! Emailed three shorties: Sandy is an Eggplant, Remember the Burrito, and Plain Girl Pretty Girl. Whew.

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