And the Tony goes to….

Craig and I have a date to watch the Tony’s tomorrow night. We probably won’t make it through the whole thing. We probably will make fun of what people are wearing and the “acting” in the acceptance speeches. The idea of a play of mine on Broadway was once fun to dream about, but I know better now. It’s not going to happen, right? Besides no one goes to Broadway to see straight plays anymore. (Although, the LA times says different)

I’ve been watching the Tony’s for over 25 years. And I’ve been writing for nearly as long. So it’s one thing to say “it’s not going to happen” but still it’s hard not to have the dream. That’s a lot of years looking at the screen and a lot of years thinking about, dreaming about being on Broadway. We’ve all had them…… One day, maybe one day, I could be on that award stage. I could give the over-acted speech. It could happen, couldn’t it? Every once and I while I’ll catch myself in the dream. It could happen, couldn’t it?

Sure it could. And I’m not being sarcastic. There are things I could do, steps I could take, moves I would make to have a play produced on Broadway. I could make it my vision. There is a difference between dreams and visions. A dream is a fuzzy pink unicorn sliding down a rainbow. A vision is a step by step plan from point A to point B. A vision takes sacrifice. A vision takes years. A vision can be accomplished.

So there are steps that I could take to get from point A to point B to having a play on Broadway. But the thing is, I don’t want to take those steps. That’s how I know a play of mine isn’t going to be on Broadway. I don’t want to move the idea from being a dream, to being a vision. I’m very comfortable with that revelation. And, I already have a creative vision for my life. I am taking steps. I’m wonderfully fulfilled in pursuing that vision.

So that means I can watch the Tony’s and I can dream about being on that stage and the dream isn’t tinged with regret. And I can turn the tv off way before they get to the end and go on with my life.

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  • Making the distinction between dream and vision just hit me over the head. Yes, I take some of the steps to get a play written and see Broadway in the distance, but I think it is a dream, not a solid vision and maybe I, too, don’t want the reality of Broadway. Still, the dream is so much fun…