And then it snowed in Buffalo…

Just back from a whirlwind conference trip (and a side vacation to Disney World!) that almost didn’t happen. For the first time Craig and I split up to go to two difference conferences – I was going to Jacksonville, FL for the Florida Association of Theatre Educators and Craig was flying to California to check out the California Educational Theatre Association.

Because we’ve never split up before there was a lot of pre-trip preparation. In theory it’s very exciting to be at this level. It’s fun, in theory, to travel to different places.

Practically, it took forever to sort out the logistics of who’s traveling when and where, what we needed two of, who takes what, how many catalogues in each place, and so on. The build up was so intense and there was so much to do, we were wound up like tops by the time we got to leave. Any little thing would have sent us over the edge for sure!

But what could happen? It certainly wouldn’t snow in Buffalo on October 10th so heavily that it would take out the power for 250,000 people, including the airport and shut everything down causing us to miss our connecting flights, leaving us stranded at JFK? Nope that certainly couldn’t happen….

There’s nothing more depressing that sitting at an airport and watching the snow come down and down and down and you know, even though you’re trying to be positive, you know it doesn’t look good. And what can you do? The weather is the weather, there’s no control over it.

But here’s where the silver lining comes in – we did make it out of Buffalo – a whole hour and a half on the plane waiting to be de-iced, snow pouring down, Craig swears he saw the lights go off in the tower as we taxied down the runway – but we made it out. We were the last flight out of Buffalo before they shut it down and if we hadn’t had been on that flight we never would have made it to our respective conferences.

And in the end both conferences went well. The twists and turns to get there were certainly hellish, but boy it could have been a lot worse. I’ve been counting a lot of blessings!

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