And we’re back!

So, officially it’s back to work here at Theatrefolk, fresh from a glorious month off. Ahhhhhh. Or in my case, Naaaaaaaah. Let’s share shall we:

  • A brand new full length play that due to an exciting project (which hasn’t been 100% confirmed so I’ll have to be vague for now) had to have a completed draft sent out in the middle of July, instead of the middle of August.
  • I received a Creators’ Reserve Grant from the Ontario Arts Council and my final report was due.
  • An unexpected workshop opportunity came up. I worked with a playwright from Guelph Little Theatre on the Christmas play for their upcoming season, and then went to Guelph for a weekend workshop. A great time and I can’t wait to see the final product.
  • I’m teaching a one week acting camp for Carousel Players in August and had to map the whole thing out. Much different than planning a one hour playwriting workshop!

And so, here we are on August 3rd not feeling all that rested. I know, I know, Waaaaaah, poor baby, you had to write a play, waaaaaaaah. There’s no coal mine dust anywhere on my body. But it’s amazing how much a sore brain makes everything tired!

But let’s get this back to blogging off to a good start by highlighting the Mind the Gap Program that’s happening right now at the New York Theatre Workshop. First off it’s free. Love that. Second, they emphasize that you don’t have to have experience just enthusiasm. Love that too. Third, it’s a program that brings together high school playwrights and writers over 60. What a great learning experience for both groups! Kudos NYTW!

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