A Vignette Victory: Anxiety is Orange

Anxiety is Orange
Written by Lindsay Price

“Oppositicitis. Like appendicitis. Only different.”

Anxiety is Orange by Lindsay Price helps us examine how we navigate the world through a sea of green, grey, blue, red, pink, yellow and orange. Does orange make you anxious?

Colours can be symbolic. Red is fiery. Purple is royal. Blue is calming. Sometimes, colours can take on too much meaning. I can’t date you – you wear wenge! He sent yellow flowers! Orange gives my brother anxiety!

The talented student performers at Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology in Spring Hill, Florida were able to utilize the short, vivid scenes in this vignette play to maximize their experience and character-development opportunities. Director Stephan Hoda was thrilled to share their success:

The play went beautifully and was, according to the students, their favorite, thus far. We’ve also performed Circus Olympus, Sleepy Hollow, Lord of the Pies, and Snow Queen.

Vignette plays are WONDERFUL for middle school. I hadn’t directed one before but it really made life much easier. The students were able to learn their lines faster and we were able to focus on performance almost immediately. This is essential for a four-week turnaround. 

Great work, Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology!

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