Arizona State Thespian Festival

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th

So Thursday, I had a five hour flight from Buffalo to Phoenix for the Arizona State Thespian festival. And it was one of those ‘lively’ flights: active children (and I’m being really polite when I say active) talkative seat mates ( do I really need to know the months in which all your brothers and sisters were born AND your children?) so while I could have used with a rest, it was a total work flight. I got four more scenes through second round re-writes and had time to practice my workshops. Booya.

Friday, yeah I had visions I’d find time to write. Delusions more like it. I taught five workshops, manned the Theatrefolk table and saw a production of The Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note. A slightly busy day.

No matter. I had great response in my workshops, I was totally inspired by the production, and had a couple of lovely conversations about the importance of process in high school drama. No writing, but all valuable. So, so valuable.

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Lindsay Price


  • It was so nice to see your blog post! The entire cast had such an amazing experience putting on the show and we grew so close during the process. Through sharing our own experiences with suicide we really bonded in a way, and I really truly just wanted to thank you for creating an opportunity to have such a discussion. I love your show and I think it is so inspiring! I wish everyone could see it so they could have an outlet like we did. It was amazing to meet you and incredible to have you watch our production!
    Natalie Ault and Stacy Pavey
    (Lisa and Joan)

  • Hey back!

    It was very clear to me, that for you guys this experience was more than just a play. I was honoured to have some part of that experience. It was great to meet you all – I rarely get to see my shows as they are often done far away! Here’s hoping you get to do Bright Blue again. All the best, Lindsay