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This is arts in education week, which makes it very appropriate that I’m starting my OAC Artists in Education Program grant. The program funds professional artists in varying disciplines to go into the schools with a specific project. Over the course of the year I’ll be visiting six schools here in Ontario to work with high school students on how to find, create, and develop theatrical and sustainable play ideas. Which is grant speak for “How do I find ideas that don’t suck and will actually turn into plays.”

As with all new projects there is excitement and apprehension. I’ve been creating workshops for a number of years now – so I have a pretty good instinct for when I’m talking too much, when an exercise will work and how long certain exercises need, before I even step into the classroom.

But as with everything in life, nothing can be 100% pre-determined and you just never know completely how things will go. I want it to go well because I believe in arts education. I want it to go well because I believe very strongly in finding the path that allows students to believe they can write plays. It’s a crooked path for sure, but it’s full of promise. I hope. I’m at least 90% sure anyway. Oh that 10% will get you every time…..

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