Behind the Scenes – Puppetry Video

The Legend of the Lion King was a show at Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom that closed in 2002. The show told the story of The Lion King through puppetry and someone has posted an incredible behind the scenes video on Youtube.

The video shows the puppeteers in action and the intricate backstage ballet they went through to make the show work. Most of the puppets needed two puppeteers working in tandem. I love the focus evident in the performers’ faces. I’m guessing that this video was shot late into the run and I’m very impressed by the dedication that these performers are still putting into the keeping the show alive. Not an easy task for a show that was performed many times per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Lindsay and I saw this show on a 2001-ish trip. This behind the scenes video is far more interesting than what the people in the audience saw.

Enjoy the video while you can. I can’t imagine it’s going to stay up for long, particularly because of the last five seconds. :)

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