Book of Space

book of space

This is, as they say, wack. You can find it here at the BLDGBLOG. It’s a book, inspired by a 90 minute single shot scene in a Russian movie, brought to life through architecture principals to represent that single shot scene. You read the book, turn the pages, and you see the scene unfold:

…a series of rooms begins to pass by, like the frames of a film or sequences in a flipbook, and it’s all due to laser-cut gaps and remainders.

It’s the concrete and the abstract concepts of space, cutting out of space, leaving space. A very, very sophisticated 3 dimensional pop up book. A book of space.

I love it when art forms, when different genres are combined or used as inspiration or melded into something that is quite frankly mind blowing.

Think about how you use space in your art form. Is it the words that take up a page? A dance that takes up the space of football fields? Some fragment that hardly takes up any space on a computer chip? Do you ever cross over into the artistic space of others? Do you use the abstract in your realistic world? Take an art piece and theatricalize it? Put music to a poem? Scuplt a character from your book?

The space in our artistic worlds can be quite narrow at time: we only move in one direction, cover the same ground over and over again. The more we reach out beyond lines and outside of boxes, the more we cross out of our space and into the spaces of others, we cannot help but grow, change and improve.

Is your artistic space 3D?

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