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Brain Break

Right now, as in right this very second, I’m on a plane to Florida. This is exciting for all kinds of reasons. We’re going somewhere warm. We’re going to try out a new conference this weekend, the Florida Junior Thespian Conference. We get a mini-holiday before going to the conference. And that holiday will be at Disney World.

My brain needs a break.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My job is not coal mining. I do not have to go to an office. I do not have to work at something I hate. There are many days where my job is the furthest thing from hard and stressful.

But my brain is about five seconds away from going on strike. (I wonder how that would work. Would it hold up little signs? Would it march? Would it leak out my ears?)

I think for a living. I need my brain every day, all the way. This past two weeks have been an overdrive of thinking:

  • A second draft of Oddball.
  • The February Newsletter.
  • All new submissions had to be read and responded to.
  • Correspondence with my Uth Ink playwright.
  • Two workshops. One of which I had to create from scratch.
  • Editing two new versions of our Monologue books for Junior Thespians.
  • Writing a new scene for Wait Wait Bo Bait that’s middle school appropriate.
  • Prepping for my job in two weeks, dramaturging a circus show.
  • Blog posts for this week and next week.

That my friends is a lot of thinking. And there’s been no time to do things slow, to let my brain take a leisurely pace. If my brain gets overloaded there’s no other way to get the job done. I have no back up brain. So I have to keep on pushing.

Some days, the only thing that has kept me going is that on this day, February 10, 2009, it all had to be done. It had to be. There was no other extra day. Cause I’d be on a plane. Have I mentioned I’m on a plane? Going somewhere warm? And there’s no way I’m working at Disney World.

Today, all my brain will have to think about is whether my first ride is going to be the Tower of Terror or the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. And which parade I’m going to see. And if I’ll eat ice cream. I’d like to eat ice cream in February.

It’s back to work on the weekend, but today my brain is on a break.

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