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A very busy month, but nice busy with all aspects getting covered. The company is humming along, with three conferences this month, got the newsletter out and our fall catalogues went in the mail stream on Monday. We changed a number of formatting components to the catalogue (made the size bigger, changed the way the plays are set on the page) and we can’t wait to see how they are received. It’s fascinating to see how people react to certain plays, just because of where they are placed on the page, or in the catalogue.

I finished up with the playwrights binge right before we went to Florida for a teachers conference. I didn’t quite make 30 plays in 30 days, I think I got 27 in. Not bad! I really focus on getting non-Theatrefolk work out there in these periods.

And it’s been a great writing month. We drove to Florida so that’s two full days down and back. Lots of time to scribble away! I’m one day away from having five ten minute plays completed (3 in first draft form, two in final form) for our spring collection. I just have a climax monologue to write for one play – I’m off to the library this afternoon to work on it. I love working at home, but sometimes I need a chunk of time in a place without any distractions. Home can be easily distracting if I want it to be. :)

I set up a writing retreat for the second week in November with a workshop/reading; I’ll use this time to further work and finalize on the ten minute plays.

I also just found out that I’ll be doing a day-long workshop at the TETA conference in Texas in January with my next full length. That is great news. Had a very productive writing session for that play yesterday. It’s a play about the greek myths – I’ve got 4 of 5 worked out. All these deadlines get set up and I’m a writing machine.

It’s fun being creatively productive, after the summer where I seemed to work hard but not move forward. I also had another play that I have been working on for the ten minute collection that did just not want to go anywhere. I’ve been working on it off and on for six months and at the beginning of the month I just decided that was too much effort for a ten minute play! It’s a shame because I love the concept – it deals with female Shakespearean characters in an afterlife of sorts. I am very fond of the characters: they mix modern sensibilities into their stories. For example, Ophelia is pleased to be out of her story and dead because it means she’s not a pawn for anyone anymore. If she wants to play shuffleboard all day, she can. And although he’s never seen, Romeo is somewhat cross-eyed and builds lopsided birdhouses. I had the first half and the end, but not the connecting piece. I wrote and rewrote about five times, but nothing was satifactory. Very frustrating.

But once I put that play to the side, I’ve been moving ahead in leaps and bounds on other things. It’s always sad to leave a play behind (particularly when I KNOW it’s a good idea) but clearly I was just going in circles. Putting it aside has been a good thing.

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  • Lindsay,

    I don’t have much to say other than “write on.” As a writer and as an individual published by Theatrefolk, I appreciate hearing about your creative process and just what you’re up to in general. Thanks.