Too subtle? Too brash? I think it’s too brash but maybe that’s because I’m Canadian. And I have a ‘like me’ complex. Less than when I was younger, I think it’s going to take another ten years to get it out of me.

I was reading an arts marketing blog this week that said we’re supposed to sing out loud, sing out proud about wanting customers to buy stuff. “Being subtle is the same as being invisible.” That really hit home for me, because sometimes we feel somewhat invisible around here at Theatrefolk global headquarters. Is it because we’re being too subtle? Too low key? Too Canadian? Is it because we’re not parading the big brass band about Theatrefolk and how great we think our stuff is?

Cause we think our stuff, our plays are great. We love them. It drives me batty when people don’t buy our plays. Actually, when people don’t give our plays a chance. That is totally my issue; our plays are pretty specific and aren’t right for every situation.

But maybe we need to be getting out the cymbals and crash around a bit more. BUY OUR PLAYS. WE WANT YOU TO. YOU WILL LIKE THEM. FOR REALS. TOTALLY. DUDE.

We’re wrestling with the price point of a play that’s going to be coming out later this year. It has to be higher than normal, cause there’s more stuff in it. But how much is too high? How much is asking too much? But we can’t be all subtle and Canadian and undersell it. It has to be a big brass band kind of price because that’s how valuable the play is. PAY THIS PRICE. IT IS WORTH IT. HONEST. WE MEAN IT. DUDE.

Still feels brash. I’ll work on it.

In the meantime… buy our plays!

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