Caught Under Questions

Sometimes the questions just pile up.

When I’m in the second or third draft of a play, I ask a lot of questions. I question the characters, why they do certain things, why certain actions happen, why the story goes in a certain direction. It’s a great way (for me) to write specifically and effectively.

Sometimes though you get through a page of new dialogue and another question comes up. So I go back and answer that question and another one comes up. And back I go. And up comes another one. It’s my job, if I want the play to be the best it can be, to keep going back, to keep asking and keep answering.

But holy crap is it frustrating some times. I’ve just done a section of play FOUR times and I’m now stuck on a new question. (Which is: How does Justin speak so boldly to the Bleep Bleep Girls when he clearly defines himself as 100% non confrontational later in the play?) I need certain things to happen at this exact moment in the play but if I leave this question, I only do myself a disservice.

Grumble, grumble. Hrumft.

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Lindsay Price