Cheating Eyes

Back home from Nebraska – still pretty exhausted. It was a fantastic time but being “on” for that length of time is tiring! Looks like we’ll be doing five more conferences in the fall travelling from New York State to New Orleans.

It hasn’t been much of a writing month, nor should it have been. There were lots of other things to take care of. One of the jobs I’ve been on this month is proofing the new scripts. I’m not sure how people who proof novels do it – proofing dialogue is hard enough! It’s amazing how the eye will fill in missing words in a sentence because the brain knows they are supposed to be there.

Both my partner and I usually go through the scripts at least three times looking for errors. Last night I was amazed that on my third pass I caught two missing words! Very frustrating. But we’re much better than we used to be. Now we’re catching the errors before it goes to print – the worst is when you get the copies back and you start finding mistakes. It’s almost like Christmas (well not really but still) when I see something I’ve missed before.

Now though I’m looking forward to July – I’ve got four weeks of straight writing. And funnily enough I’m going to be working on only one play! I plan on trying to get out a first draft of the science play I’ve been doing research on. Hopefully I’ll also do a blog diary to go with it so you can see what the process is like.

The only other thing I’ve got going is a 24 hour playwriting contest I’m doing next week. You get 4 items (people, places, things or concepts) and you have 24 hours to come up with a play. I did one a couple of years ago – they’re great for forcing focus and forcing out a complete draft. One of my biggest problems as a writer is that I’m always re-writing the beginning so that it takes me forever to get to the end. I like being forced to bang out a finished product!!

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