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Christmas Plays, Get Yer Christmas Plays

Looking for Christmas plays for your students to perform? This is the time of year when folks are looking for Christmas scripts. Here are our current offerings, along with my feelings about each.

All of our Christmas plays are suitable for performance by high schools and middle schools. Read free sample pages via any of the links.

…and a Groundhog in a Pear Tree
book & lyrics by Lindsay Price, music by Kristin Gauthier
45 Minutes, 3M+5W+12 Either

This is a very fun one-act play with a good-sized flexible cast and a modicum of singing. The “Twelve Days of Christmas” get out of hand and all of the other calendar days are needed to make things right again. Groundhog is significant because it was the first collaboration between Lindsay and Kristin. (They later wrote Shout! together.) As with Shout!, the music in Groundhog is entirely a cappella. It’s a great starter/tester to see if you’re ready to tackle the music in Shout!

Christmas in July (20 Either) & What do you do when the Elves have the flu? (6W+10 Either)
both by Evelyn Merritt
20 Minutes each

These are our two newest Christmas offerings. Both are big, colourful larger-than-life scripts. Written primarily for elementary school performers, but I also think “big kids” would have fun with the broad characters.

Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake
by Lindsay Price
45 Minutes, 3M+7W

Cinderella wants to make a super-special cake for the Price for their first Christmas together, but things go awry. This is a great choice if you’re performing for young audiences with a good amount of audience participation.

Deck the Stage!
by Lindsay Price
Two Acts, Various Casting Requirements

Our most flexible Christmas script – a collection of five short plays and four monologues all based around Christmas carols. They’re arranged as a full program of theatre, or you can do any piece or combination of pieces you want. This is also an excellent resource for monologues.

The First Herald Angel
by John Donald O’Shea
25 Minutes, 1M+2W+2 Either

An intimate small-cast play that tells the story of a shepherd couple and their guardian angel on a very important night. This play warms my heart every time I look at it.

Humbug High: A Contemporary Christmas Carol
adapted by Lindsay Price from A Christmas Carol by Dickens
Two Acts, 6M+13W, Expandable to 11M 20W

For my money, you can’t get a better Christmas story than Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Lindsay’s adaptation is faithful to the heart, the joy, and the power of the original, while shifting the setting to a modern-day high school.

The Merrie Christmas Show (30 Minutes, 3M+3W, Easily Expandable)
The Robbed Reindeer (30 Minutes, 2M+2W+6 Either)
both by Lindsay Price

When Theatrefolk was still a performance company, Lindsay wrote these plays for a cast of two and we performed them in malls and at corporate events all over the frozen north. Great for family audiences and a ton of fun to perform, they have since been adapted and expanded for school use.

The Snow Show
by Lindsay Price
30 Minutes, 4M+8W, Expandable to 7M 13W

The Snow Show is is a vignette play about the wonders of snow. Strangely, it seems to get more performances in areas that don’t get that much snow! It’s a wonderful choice for public schools that want to put on a winter show, but aren’t permitted to do a traditional “Christmas Play.”

by Lindsay Price
45 Minutes, 2M+5W+11 Either, Easily Expandable

An adaptation and expansion of the well-known carol by John Mason Neale. A heartwarming story about the true meaning of Christmas.

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