Chuga Chuga: November 17, 18

Tuesday November 17 and Wednesday November 18th

Both days have been like a train, my friends. A speeding train, pushing onward on the same track, heading in the same direction, doing the same thing. Might as well write about two days as one since EXACTLY the same thing happened on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Why repeat myself? I’m not sure I have time to repeat myself.

Well, it hasn’t been EXACTLY the same kind of work. Not the EXACT same words. But it was in the same ballpark of work. Re-writes on the ten minute plays for two women. Chuga chuga chuga chuga – Woot woot! Work those scenes, define the conflict, flesh out the characters! Go, go, go!

All right, this is now sounding slightly….crazed. Day 18 huh? Hmm. At least there are more days behind me than ahead of me. Don’t try to contact me in December, I’ll be in a coma.

What I was aiming for, if you haven’t guessed by my dazzling¬†metaphors was to get that re-write train zipping along. If I finished this section of scenes before leaving for the Arizona State Thespian festival tomorrow I could bring a new section of scenes on my trip. Zip, zip, zip! Will the world come to a crashing halt if I don’t get all this done in November? (Have you ever listened to Kate Gosselin in interview? She asks and then answers her own questions. It’s not necessary for the interviewer to be there at all)

Will the world come to a crashing halt if I don’t get all this done in November? No it will not. (See interviewer not needed) But, it is true that the more I get done now, the more time off I’ll get in December. That’s the carrot. That’s the cheese. No wait, the cheese stands alone. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that the re-writes train is speeding toward. Chuga chuga chuga – woot woot!

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