“Civilians” See Theatre Too!


Theatre is supposed to be for everybody, but sometimes it feels anything but. Especially so on Broadway where tickets prices can be prohibitive.

I found a Broadway trip report posted on Business Insider: I Just Shelled Out $513 To Take The Kids To See ‘Annie’… It’s a very basic summary of the process of attending a play from purchasing tickets, to arriving at the theatre, to the Playbill, to the performance itself. Having gone through this process so often, I take many of the steps for granted and I quite enjoyed being reminded of how it all works.

And “live” always means some surprises–such as Miss Hannigan’s dropped whistle, a maid’s dropped napkin, and Lilla Crawford’s foot injury in December. That “live-ness” makes it dramatic–because it’s real and you never know what will happen.

I love seeing plays with civilians, especially school plays. The whole audience is made up of “real” people. The experience is so much more immediate, so raw. Anything can happen.

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Craig Mason