Clickity Clack

So my 2012 project requires equipment. Equipment that I don’t have. Equipment that’s not easy to find. Of course, I probably could have found this equipment closer to home. I didn’t have to purchase said equipment in New York. But I was there. And what could it hurt to look?

Really, is there anything cooler than walking into a building on 5th ave…..

Walking up four flights of stairs……

Into this?

It was damn cool. I don’t mind telling you, I swooned a little at being in a room full of typewriters. They’re just beautiful. And real. And that makes my project real. It’s one thing to talk, it’s another thing to take steps. It’s easy to talk, it’s another thing to sit in front of this machine and feel the reality of it. This is now not just thoughts in my head or words in my mouth, but something I have to do.

And so I did. Meet my new baby.

Stay tuned to my weekly video series called Typecast and watch me try to write a play on an Olympia Deluxe.


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