Climbing Atop the Slush Pile

We get our fair share of play submissions in our inboxes. 99% of the plays we get come from folks who are already familiar with who we are and what types of plays we publish. But we do get some oddballs.

Every so often we’ll get something so wildly inappropriate for Theatrefolk that we’re left scratching our heads. I’m talking about things like foreign-language novels & technical papers – stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with school theatre.

We’re pretty nice with those folks. They usually get a friendly “not right for us, good luck, etc” email. But we do secretly wonder what in the heck they’re thinking.

That’s why I’ve fallen in love with The Slushpile Hell Blog. It’s kept up by a self-described grumpy literary agent. Here he (or she) posts excerpts from oddball cover letters seeking representation/publication. The agent then posts a snarky response – the response that one might think of but dare not write.

If you want some good tips for how not to submit a piece of writing to an agent or a publisher, then check it out!

I found this via the excellent A Way With Words podcast.

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